Broken or infected teeth are painful. Our expert team can save problematic teeth with root canal therapy, but that is not always an option. When a tooth can’t be saved, dental implants can be a great alternative. 

Myrtle Beach SC Endodontist | Longevity of Dental Implants

How Long Do Dental Implants Last? 

There are multiple factors that can impact the success of implants such as lifestyle and dental hygiene. If you have proper oral hygiene, no pre-existing risk factors and visit your dentist as recommended, your implant may last more than 10 years before needing a new crown or replacement.  

What Causes a Dental Implant to Fail? 

On rare occasions, implant failure can occur. At times, it can be a result of health conditions, such as cancer or diabetes. To reduce the chances of failure, we will screen each patient and assess risk factors present at the time of implant placement.  

Like your natural teeth, implants need to be maintained daily with proper at home are. In some cases, periodontal disease can cause implant failure. It’s important to receive professional oral health care after implants are placed.  

Severe smokers and those with bruxism also have a risk for implant failure. If the lifestyle, habit or disease can cause harm to your natural teeth, it can also harm your implant. 

How do I Know if an Implant is Right for Me? 

Implants have a high success rate. To see if you are a candidate for dental implants, contact our office today.