Endodontist Myrtle Beach

Traumatic dental injuries most often occur during sports or through accidental means. The most common type of dental trauma is chipped teeth. However, this type of injury also includes cracked or broken teeth, dislodged or knocked-out teeth, root fractures, and soft tissue damage. If you or your child experience dental trauma, contact our office immediately for examination and any necessary treatment. Even apparently mild injury may have impacted one or more surrounding teeth, and time is essential to saving a damaged tooth.

Chipped or fractured teeth should be examined to determine the extent of the damage. If the pulp is exposed or damaged, root canal treatment may be needed to protect and preserve the tooth. Dislodged teeth may also require root canal treatment to help save the natural tooth. Children younger than 12 may not require root canal therapy, since teeth are still developing in this period. In these cases, we will monitor your child as the tooth heals and only recommend treatment if necessary to protect the tooth from needing extraction.

If your tooth is knocked out of your mouth completely, quick treatment is essential for saving the tooth to be possible. Handle the tooth gently and avoid touching the root. Rinse with water if dirty, but do not use soap or dry the tooth afterward. Place the tooth back into the socket, if possible, and gently close your teeth to help hold it in place until you get to our office. Call the office immediately to arrange to be seen. Once you arrive, we will evaluate the tooth and discuss options for treatment.

Endodontists have advanced training in treating traumatic dental injuries. We have the skills, the technology, and the experience to handle dental trauma in our convenient local office. For more information on handling dental traumas, contact our office.