Endodontic Procedures

Endodontist in Myrtle Beach, SC

As an endodontist, Dr. Mark Conard underwent advanced training that equips him with the skills necessary to treat routine, as well as, complex endodontic cases. We utilize the most advanced technology available including digital radiography and surgical operating microscopes. Our goal at Intercoastal Endo is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while committing to the highest quality of dental care. Intercoastal Endo is a practice limited to Endodontics.

In the past, if a tooth became inflamed or infected, the dentist would usually recommend the tooth be removed. Advances in technology and clinical research have shifted the standard of practice to saving teeth when indicated. These advances have improved our success at preserving and maintaining teeth. Root canal treatment is a beneficial option that allows for a patient to save his or her natural tooth, even after decay, infection or trauma.
Dental pulp is the soft tissue inside the tooth. It consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. When the pulp becomes irreversibly inflamed or infected, endodontic treatment is necessary. Common symptoms associated with a tooth needing endodontic therapy include, but is not limited to: lingering tooth pain to hot or cold, spontaneous toothache, tooth discoloration, or swelling and tenderness associated with the tooth. However, sometimes there may be no symptoms at all.

A list of services offered by Intercoastal Endo, PC include: