When someone hears the words “root canal” they may have assumptions of pain, discomfort, and a lengthy healing process. Due to advances in dental technology, this is thankfully no longer the case. Modern technology, equipment, and medications make the process of getting a root canal a convenient and pain-free process.

Opting for endodontic therapy (getting a root canal) allows you to preserve your tooth for up to decades into the future. This way you won’t have to suffer the side-effects of an unnecessary extraction, like shifting in your adjacent teeth or additional costs related to tooth replacement. 

Getting a root canal is similar to having a dental filling, except that the restoration extends down inside of the hollow nerve canal rather than being restricted to the anatomical crown of the tooth. As the diseased nerve is cleaned out, the empty chamber is medicated and sealed off with a special material to prevent any bacteria from re-entering and re-infecting the abscessed tooth. Once the root canal is completed, a restorative crown will be placed over the top of the tooth to prevent the remaining structure from chipping or wearing down. Your new “tooth” will blend in and function with your surrounding smile!

Thanks to more efficient methods and better medication, getting a root canal is just as routine as having other types of dental work completed. Since the nerve is removed, the tooth won’t hurt afterward. Endodontic therapy is a cost-effective course of action, as it prevents the need for multiple follow-up therapies like getting dentures, being fitted for a bridge, altering adjacent tooth structures, or placing dental implants. 

Modern root canal therapy is the clear choice when it comes to having a healthy, beautiful smile. We encourage you to contact Intercoastal Endo for an evaluation or if you have any questions regarding endodontic treatment options. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!


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